Do I need to refuel my rental before returning?

Yes. Stokes Car Rentals asks that all clients return the rental vehicle with the same amount of fuel as it had when they received it. If the vehicle is not returned with the same amount of fuel, Stokes Car Rentals will charge the card on file for the fuel at the rate posted a check-out.

What are the qualifications needed to rent?

Prospective renters must have the following:
• Must have valid US Driver’s License • Must be 25 years or older
• Must have Full Coverage Auto Insurance in drivers name with Liability Limits of at least 100k per incident.
• Must present a Major Credit Card in their name for deposit and incidentals
• Must not have a DUI/DWI, Reckless Driving or more than 3 speeding tickets in the last 5 years

Does Stokes Car Rentals require a security deposit?

All renters are required to pay a security deposit with a credit or debit card when they pick up the rental car. This amount will be refunded minus and incidentals. This amount varies based on the type of vehicle rented.

Do you have hourly rates available?

All rates listed on this site are full day rates which are 24 hours periods starting when the vehicle is checked out. For hourly rates, please call us at (615)-647-0777.

Full Terms and Conditions presented at Check-Out.

Where are the hidden fees?

We don’t have any! We keep thing simple and don’t nickle-and-dime our customers. We will let you know about all charges or possible charges associated with your rental prior to check-out. In fact, we even have up front pricing for incidentals:
• Smoking Fee: Starting at $100
• Excessive Cleanup: Starting at $50
• Scratches & Dents: Starting at $50
• Wheel “road-rash” Damage: Starting at $100 per wheel.
• Other Damage: Charged at Cost + 10% Admin Fee
• Lost Key: $300+
• Additional Driver: FREE
• Underage Driver (Between 21- 25): $9.99 Daily

Can I use a Debit Card?

Sure! We understand not everyone carries credit cards, so we accept Debit Cards, but we have to treat them a little differently than a Credit Card. If a Debit Card is used for the Deposit at check-out, we will “hard charge” the card (actually pull funds from the account) for the amount of the deposit, plus the reservation estimate up front. Once the vehicle is returned, we will refund the deposit, less any incidental charges to the Debit Card.

Are miles unlimited?

We don’t offer unlimited miles, but we do offer generous per-day miles limits. Most renters will not need to worry about mile overage unless they plan on driving a long distance over a short period of time.

What's the deal with insurance?

In order to rent from us, we need to make sure that you and our vehicle are covered during the rental with Full Comprehensive, Collision and Liability Coverage (with limits of 100,000 per incident). Don’t worry, if you’re not sure of your policy, we are happy to contact your provider to confirm coverage.

We have found there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding insurance and rental cars! Allow us to shed a little light on the matter…

Firstly, If you have Full Auto Coverage for our personal auto, then in MOST cases, your coverage will extend to the rental car, but if you are unsure AT ALL, the best way to find out if your coverage extends is to call your provider.

If your provider DOES cover the rental car, then there is no need to purchase additional coverage unless you simply want to avoid using your insurance for any claim on the rental. Because are cars are high-end, we cannot provide insurance coverage.

If your provider DOES NOT cover the rental car, then you still have a few options:
1. You can ask your Insurance Carrier to add coverage for the rental for the duration of the trip. This is often the most cost effective option.
2. If you only have Liability Coverage, you can check with your Credit Card company to see if they offer a Rental Car Coverage option. Most Discover, and higher level American Express offer such options.

Can I drive for Uber or make deliveries in your car?

It is strictly forbidden to use our rental cars for any ride-sharing service, livery service, delivery service, or any other vehicle-for-hire circumstance.

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